Whoa, this is pretty trippy!

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  1. Where is this? Really pretty stuff! kinda looks like 3 different pieces but they blend so nicely! Hopefully some little grommit wont go and tag some bullshit over the top of it for a little while!

  2. sfgraff says:

    I’m not sure where it is unfortunately 😦 but I can try to further look it up for you! I thought it looked pretty cool too with different styles combined together, especially the style near the front of the picture.

  3. sfgraff says:

    I can’t seem to find exactly where it is in San Francisco, but I do know that the artist is Chor boogie. Sorry I couldn’t help further than that 🙂

  4. kayla neighn says:

    dear bluepearlgirl,

    your comment is offensive and small minded. to be so unaware of the culture of graffiti, and be on a blog dedicated to graffiti mystifies me. the artists that paint these beautiful trippy murals are often times the very same “grommits” that go around and tag walls. it’s all part of it. this mural is painted by 2 graff artists that have a very long history of vandalism in san francisco. open your mind, it’s only paint. you’re soul will thank you. and perhaps your blood pressure will get back down to a safe level.

    the wall is fenced off, and curated, so this is going to be safe. it’s just off townsend between 4th and 5th. it’s two writers, chor boogie, and apex.

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