Interview with Graffiti Artist: Optic

1.) How long have you been doing graffiti?

Since 2004-05, so about 7 years or so and going strong.

2.) Do you have an artist name? Why that name?

Yeah, the name Optic was given to to me by my cousin’s friend who was a big influence on me. I had a few names before that also.

3.) Why do you do graffiti?

I just do it for me. It makes me feel good, I get a feeling of accomplishment from it.

4.) Where do you get inspiration?

I’m always inspired. It’s more of a motivation that keeps me going, I’m always trying to get that spot before the next guy or else I lost and someone else gets that fame.

5.) Have you ever done it on public property? Why?

99.6% of the time it’s on public property. That’s where graffiti belongs, you can go to a zoo and look at a tiger in a cage but it’s not the same as in the wild. Same thing with graffiti, it can be on a canvas but it’s just not the same.

6.) Have you ever been caught for doing your graffiti?

Twice as a minor.

7.) Do you have a special trademark in your graffiti?

No real trademark, I have a style of my own and I try to keep it simple and clean.

8.) Is the graffiti you do symbolic in any way?

Not really, symbolism is great for poetry not for graffiti. I try to keep it very clear with what I’m doing.

9.) What’s your favorite medium to work with?

Aerosol paint and a cement surface, trains are cool too.

10.) Why do you think some people don’t consider graffiti an art?

I guess because they just see it as blatant vandalism, like throwing a rock through a window or something. They just can’t see the expression that’s actually put into it. By law it is vandalism dont get me wrong graffiti is a crime, but it’s not so black and white like people want to make it.

11.) Do you do other types of artwork?

Yeah I fiddle with ceramics it’s pretty fun messing with mud.

12.) Do you imagine art/graffiti always being in your life?

I’ll never stop painting, maybe I won’t be hopping fences and all the stuff I can do now, but I’ll still be up.

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