Welcome, you have been invited to the most extensive blog on San Francisco graffiti art. We will be featuring photographs, interviews and videos from the world of graffiti in San Francisco. Graffiti isn’t just art but it is what brings San Francisco to life. What makes graffiti in San Francisco so special is that it expresses the rich cultural and social diversity of the city.


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2 Responses to Introduction

  1. I love your eye for color and form. I like a lot of the same pieces you have here. Thanks for compiling it in a nice venue. My ex-boyfriend is one of the better graffiti artists or should i say artist period. He goes by Ether. Maybe i will scan some of his pages from his black book that he left with me. I think you would appreciate it. Watching it be created i totally appreciate it. That god damn STEADY ASS HAND! Impressive to someone who is just simply a color pusher. 🙂

  2. sfgraff says:

    I’m glad you enjoy graffiti as much as we do! That’d actually be quite wonderful if you could forward some pictures our way, we’ll definitely put them up asap. I’ve watched someone do graffiti before (legally haha) and it’s absolutely stunning how they take such precious time to get every detail right!

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